Heating Oil and Kerosene

On Demand Delivery

Place a delivery on demand by simply calling a Customer Care specialist today.

Automatic Delivery

Never worry about running out of heating oil again! Choose Ace Oil's automatic heating oil delivery. We monitor your usage and utilize weather and data analysis to manage your deliveries for you. We have several pricing options and payment plans to fit any budget. Your tank will be full before winter hits, and we’ll take care of any additional deliveries needed throughout winter. Plus, you receive our no-run-out guarantee!

Emergency Delivery

If you prefer to manage your own deliveries, but have found you’ve run out of heating oil sooner than expected, we provide emergency heating oil delivery services. Our Home Service team is ready to help you any day of the year! Call our office at phone (845)339-3455 in an emergency situation.

photo of a man making an oil delivery